newborn nappies 

disposable change mat 

feeding bottle 

packet of wipes 

cotton wrap 

newborn dummy 

moisturiser/baby wash 

appropriate sized clothing 

small soft toy


disposable change mat 

feeding bottle 

sipper cup 

packet of wipes 

wrap or 'blankie' 


000 - size 2/3 clothing 

small soft toy or colouring   book and crayons

What goes into a nappy bag?

These items are included in the baby backpacks for the carers. They only need enough items like nappies to get through the first night or until they can get to the supermarket to buy the essentials. For example one pack of 36 nappies would be shared between 6 backpacks.

Premature and Newborn Babies

Older babies to Two/Three years

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